The top-grossing Italian movie of 2019: a comedy about the Nativity

The top-grossing Italian movie of 2019: a comedy about the Nativity February 22, 2020

Apparently the top-grossing Italian movie last year was a comedy about a thief and a priest who go back in time to the year of Jesus’ birth.

Il Primo Natale (literally The First Christmas), which is being released internationally as Once upon a Time… in Bethlehem, opened in Italy two months ago and has grossed roughly $17 million in its native country, according to Variety. The producers have since sold foreign distribution rights to companies in Hungary, Russia and Australia.

The film stars the Italian comedy duo Ficarra e Picone, and a few ads are available online. I don’t speak Italian, so I don’t really know what the characters are saying, but if a subtitled version of this film ever comes my way I’ll certainly give it a look.

Here is the teaser:

Here is the regular trailer (nitpick alert: there was no year zero!):

And here is a 30-second TV spot:

Film Italia and the IMDb have some cast and crew info as well as a few images:

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