Fight Human Trafficking in The Dominican & Start an Undiluted Journey!

Fight Human Trafficking in The Dominican & Start an Undiluted Journey! July 31, 2014

Human trafficking - Concept Photo

Human trafficking is estimated to be the second largest criminal enterprise in the modern world.

This modern slavery is legal no where, yet practiced everywhere– and exists in many forms. Sex trafficking, labor trafficking… people bought and sold as if they were a product to own instead of a child of God.

As many know, this issue has been one of the issues closest to my heart. Much of my doctoral dissertation focuses on human trafficking aftercare, and I have studied this issue as far away as the brothels of Mumbai, India.

In April, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of United Methodist pastors in the Dominican Republic on the issue of human trafficking and the potential response from the Christian community to prevent it inmeganslaw1 the areas where it is most prevalent. These pastors are now fired up about addressing trafficking, which is a growing problem in the Dominican– one where the government has failed to make adequate gains on the issue (including child sexual exploitation from foreign tourists). If something is going to be done, the responsibility will fall on the Church to act.

As such, these pastors have asked me to return in March of 2015 with a team of professionals from the United States and Ecuador to put on a full conference on trafficking, in partnership with the Not Here Justice in Action Network. We are busy making plans, securing speakers, and working out the logistics. As part of the conference, we’ll be introducing these pastors to a model that has worked well in Ecuador to educate both adults and children on trafficking, domestic violence, and child abuse. While we’re there, I’ll be facilitating a process for them to contextualize this model to their own culture, and we’ll even go out to some of the villages to do a pilot of the program before turning it over to the local leaders to carry the torch forward.

I’m excited for this partnership, and I’m excited to see what the Church in the Dominican Republic will accomplish to bring heaven a little closer to earth, by addressing and preventing this injustice.

How can you help? I’m really glad you asked!

The folks at Destiny Image believe in this cause and have given me their full support in accomplishing this important task. As such, Destiny Image has agreed to donate $1 to this cause for every hard-copy pre-order of my soon to be released book, Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus (up to $1000)!

I want to maximize their generosity, and be able to raise this full $1000 to help fund the trafficking conference in the Dominican. So how can you help? Just go and pre-order my book TODAY! We already have an exciting amount of pre-orders coming in, but we still have a ways to go before I’m able to raise the full $1000. If you were already planning on reading Undiluted, will you do me a favor and pre-order your paperback copy today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble? Every pre-order will put me one step further in my goal to raise the funds to help put on this really important conference. Pre-ordering your copy now is a great way for you to partner with me in this cause– plus, I happen to think the book is really good anyway.

So don’t wait– join in with me on fighting human trafficking and journey with me to discover a Jesus that’s a little more undiluted from the culture we found him in!

Pre-order your copy today… just click here!

(and for more information on trafficking in the Dominican Republic, you can get a brief overview, here.)


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