More Cakes and Sin

More Cakes and Sin June 6, 2018

photo by Lauren Faulkner

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Jack Philips, the baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple who had been long time clients of his bakery because he felt to do so was a violation of his Christian morals. It’s not the first time in recent years that I’ve disagreed with the Supreme Court. My thoughts about the issue remain unchanged. Creating classes of people you can discriminate against because of your religious convictions is a dangerously slippery slope the US should not be heading down. First the gays, then the Muslims, then the Jews, then the Hindus, then the Asians, then the latinos, then the blacks, then the…

You can read more of my rationale and thoughts about the legality of  refusing service due to one’s personal beliefs here:  Of cakes and sin


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