May 22, 2017

Before Trump became president there was room for debate about what and who we Americans really are. Not anymore. We know ourselves now because Trump is our mirror. Before Trump became president there was room for charity when it came to considering who white evangelicals might be; how enlightened the “New South” might be; who and what the Republican Party is: the collective brain power of our country; the value of internet connectivity and disruption: the level of optimism about... Read more

May 18, 2017

Bono is on tour and denouncing Trump. The problem is that Bono unwittingly helped get Trump elected. Bono did this by providing cover for the white evangelicals that are Trump’s most reliable base. Bono has for years burnished the image of the far right hate-monger and Trump-booster Franklin Graham, and his hell-preaching fundamentalist father Billy. Bono has also provided photo ops for other white evangelical leaders including Mike Pence and W Bush. These are the people that put Trump in... Read more

May 15, 2017

Trump’s unfathomable bizarre behavior proves he is frightened of things the Russia-connection investigations might expose. His “way” of dealing with this threat was also irrational– create a firestorm by firing Comey. Trump suffers from a level of ego-fed grandiosity past all reckoning. I mean who does this? Who asks for loyalty pledges? F.B.I. Director James Comey refused to pledge loyalty to Trump. He had already publicly rebuked some of Trump’s outright lies and wanted to intensify the FBI’s investigation. Trump... Read more

May 13, 2017

In Calvinism, the theological cult of an angry God in which I was raised, humans are created by a God who like Trump, has determined to give them only the illusion of free will. And this God never intends to save them all or even most of them. Most are mere pawns to fuel his fires of hell for eternity– the Calvinists love to quote St. Paul, who calls them “vessels of wrath”. Trump seems to worship no one but... Read more

May 11, 2017

We are being conditioned to chaos by Trump. Thank God he’s not caring for my grandchildren. My daily joy is found in the stillness of repeated tender moments. If you understand children you know that the new is the enemy of joy. Change must be incrementally introduced amidst calm and confidence– new food items as it were added unobtrusively to old favorites and seamlessly folded into trusted secure routines. Children crave the security of a routine. “We always do this!”... Read more

May 10, 2017

Clearly Trump wants the FBI to become his version of Putin’s lapdog FSB (the Russian intelligence services successor to the KGB, that hacked both the American and French elections) — and just do what they are told. So Trump is lying– again. He is lying about the reason he fired James Comey. Trump had a  motive to fire Comey and install a loyalist — another job for Ivanka perhaps? Comey was overseeing the investigation into the Trump campaign’s numerous potentially... Read more

May 9, 2017

Please WATCH my 6 minute video commentary on just why we Americans will win against the con artist Trump and his family of grifters… HERE Read more

May 5, 2017

Say you hate everyone but the super rich and wish to redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars from working class people to the Koch brothers, the Trump clan and the founders of Facebook and Google. Say you have no problem with literally killing thousands of people to do so, as long as they are poor. If you are a Republican who loves this idea your dream just came true. The “American Health Care Act” (AHCA)—does just that: squanders lives to... Read more

May 2, 2017

Institutions known for sexual assault (including child rape and spousal abuse) are mostly organizations closed to supervision that do not have checks because they answer only to a supreme leader of some sort, usually a man. In other words they are mighty like churches or as their critics might describe them dictatorships. This characterization fits Fox News, the Trump business method of operation — it’s all about one omnipotent white guy — and most churches of the fundamentalist white evangelical... Read more

May 1, 2017

White evangelicals love Trump because he’s delivering what his core constituency craves: the real possibility of a white supremacist male-dominated Christian theocracy. Judging by Trump’s first 100 days he’s off to a resoundingly failed legislative start. Trump is however a resounding success at one thing: he’s delivering for the religious right.  * One of the most extreme of the religious right leaders is Jerry Falwell Jr., the Liberty U college president. He’s the son of an old friend of mine... Read more

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