WATCH THIS! Yes, Smoukahontas is a Genius–Sid Caesar Liv Tyler & Scarlett Johansson Move Over

WATCH THIS! Yes, Smoukahontas is a Genius–Sid Caesar Liv Tyler & Scarlett Johansson Move Over March 27, 2014

WATCH THIS! Sara Marié a.k.a. smoukahontas, is an extremely talented young woman from Finland. Like the late great Sid Caesar,  “smoukahontas” does killer imitations of FAKE language while speaking made up nonsense. Remember Caeser’s fake German on his pioneering 1950s live television series Your Show of Shows?

Well, in the videos below Sara Marié a.k.a. smoukahontas, has the sound and inflections of languages DOWN, same for her music genres– no real words, just the accents and inflections. Amazing!

She’s Liv Tyler & Scarlett Johansson + unlimited laugh-out-loud  pure talent rolled into one. Sara Marié  has YouTubed her way (more than 20 million views so far) to popularity as an entertainer and a singer in the virtual world.

You are going to see and hear a lot about this wonderful  woman. She’ll be on TV this week with Ellen DeGeneres but remember you saw her here first. Sara lives in a little town next to where my daughter Jessica has brought up my two older grandchildren Amanda and Ben in Finland. My daughter knows her and her family, tells me they are terrific people.


Yes, Sara Marié a.k.a. “smoukahontas” is a genius.

If you can find anything more fun than watching these three clips let me know!

 Pretend Languages of the World

Pretend Languages PART 2

Music Genres, Rap to opera…


Sid Caesar – The German General

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Sara a.k.a Smoukahontas (Official) from Finland. Talented entertainer.
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