Post-ISIS, If George W. Bush Was Honorable (or at least a Good Shogun!) He’d commit Suicide– Here’s His “Suicide Note…”

Post-ISIS, If George W. Bush Was Honorable (or at least a Good Shogun!) He’d commit Suicide– Here’s His “Suicide Note…” August 23, 2014


To my Family, the men and women in uniform and to the American People,

As the Middle East falls into the grip of Islamic extremist terror unleashed by ISIS and others too numerous to count, it has become clear to me — at last — that my arrogance and stupidity alone led to this cataclysm. Attacking Iraq was a hubristic folly. The consequences were and are about to be fatal to millions of people– from our service people killed, to beheaded hostages, to women forced to undergo “female circumcision,” to millions of killed or fleeing Christians. There will be no end to this.

What I set in motion, when lashing out at a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, will soon make 9/11 look trivial. Bin Laden only had AK-47s and a 19 idiots who learned to fly a plane. But ISIS have tanks. Bin Laden hid in caves. ISIS has whole swaths of huge countries falling to them. Al Qaeda knocked down a few office towers in New York. ISIS is establishing a world-threatening caliphate from the Mediterranean to the Indian border… and maybe beyond. They also have supporters in nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Put it this way for those few of you who know any history: Osama bin Laden was their “Mussolini.” ISIS is their “Hitler.” Things just got serious. You think we have a security state now? Just wait.

Because of me the Middle East, from Gaza to Islamabad, is in flames. Chaos reigns from Tripoli to the Chinese/Pakistan border. It was a mess before I started my wars– now it’s a cataclysm.

I was misled by two insane ideas: My evangelical Christian-Zionist belief in the “End Times,” and thus the need to protect the State of Israel at any cost from their mortal enemy Saddam Hussein… and… the lies told by the neoconservative warmongers who said my wars would bring democracy to the Middle East.

The opposite happened. I set back history by more than one thousand years.

I left President Obama in a fix for which there is no solution except perpetual war. I am sorry for the 5000 Americans I killed in Iraq for no reason (so far), the 50,000 wounded for no reason (so far), the half a million civilians of Iraq killed for no reason (so far). There will be many more American deaths. All their blood is on my hands. Every beheading of every hostage has my initials on it. “Mission” indeed “accomplished!”

I am especially sorry that I failed to lead the US military honorably. Instead I abused the trust of our best men and women and their long-suffering families.

Above all, as a born-again Christian, I am so very sorry that I did what over 1,000 years of Islamic domination of the Middle East failed to do: I utterly destroyed the vibrant Christian communities of Syria and Iraq. Where there were millions of Christians, monasteries and churches now there are nothing but burnt buildings, dead and fleeing men and women, and corpses.

Ever since I destabilized the entire Middle East, Christians have fled, been murdered and now liquidated entirely in vast areas where there has been a Christian presence since the time of the Apostle Paul. I am so ashamed.

Forgive me Jesus, I have betrayed my faith, my people, and my God.

I’ll leave it to my nemesis — the proud unrepentant fool Dick Cheney — to try and justify my unjustifiable sin. Maybe he will even find a way to blame President Obama for the war I started!

With my attendant kaishakunin (second) Donald Henry Rumsfeld, standing by, I will now open my kimono (robe), take up my wakizashi (short sword) and plunge it into my abdomen, making a left-to-right cut. My kaishakunin (Donald Henry Rumsfeld) will then perform kaishaku, (a swift merciful neck cut) in which I, the unworthy warrior, will be decapitated, just as I helped decapitate my presidency and my country.

I am a traitor to America.

George W. Bush

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