“The god of the church had been made small and placed in a box…”

“The god of the church had been made small and placed in a box…” October 21, 2014
My new book is now in bookstores. Barnes & Noble has stocked it in big numbers. So have many smaller stores. Please help me spread the word! Please check your local store. I want to help my book find new readers and also help bookstores! I’m working my butt off traveling and speaking—for FREE—to audiences all over the US and Canada. In response I’m getting email and FB messages by the hundreds like this one:

“For the first time in two decades I felt that I was listening to someone who understands my struggles over the last 20 years, leaving the ministry, the church, and in general avoiding the politics within and without the church. Eventually I became bold enough to admit to myself I was now an atheist, not because I no longer believed in God, but that the god of my former life no longer seemed real.

“The god of the church had been made small and placed in a box. I’d always felt that when we could put god in a box, he was not The God deserving of my faith. For the first time in years I felt that someone had spoken to my heart and my situation. I no longer feel so isolated in my conclusions of faith and perhaps can evolve a bit more.”

Please help me take the book to the people like this who use bookstores. Please check your local store. The book is now distributed by NBN in case they ask (National Book Network).
Thank you SO much!
Love and Best,
Now Available
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