Teen Protester pepper-sprayed by Trump supporter outside rally by Angry Old White Bullying MALES While She’s Groped… (Surprised?)

Teen Protester pepper-sprayed by Trump supporter outside rally by Angry Old White Bullying MALES While She’s Groped… (Surprised?) March 30, 2016
 (photo Washington Post)
Police were searching for two suspects, one accused of groping the 15-year-old and the other of pepper-spraying her. Meanwhile Trump defends Lewandowski accused of assault “How do we know how she got those bruises?”
Here come the woman haters and wife abusers, and other males who think being tough means beating up young women… Nice going GOP!
Will Trump pay their legal fees?
According to the Washington Post,
A 15-year-old girl was pepper-sprayed during a violent incident between Trump supporters and protesters outside the GOP frontrunner’s rally in Janesville, Wisc., on March 29. Janesville police are looking for two suspects for sexual assault and pepper-spraying. (YouTube/derek94gt)
A 15-year-old girl protesting a Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday was pepper-sprayed in the face by a Trump supporter.As with previous skirmishes between Trump protesters and supporters at rallies across the country, the incident was caught on camera and quickly spread on social media.In one video, the girl is seen accusing an older man of touching her “breast” outside the rally in Janesville, Wis.

After a heated argument, the girl appears to push or punch the older man, at which point a young man in glasses and a red “Make America Great Again” hat suddenly reaches through the crowd and sprays the girl in the face.

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