Trump: “I Renounce My Pledge to Support the GOP Nominee” And I have been treated very unfairly by loser voters so millions of my armed followers are going to install me as president– with or without winning dumb loser elections…

Trump: “I Renounce My Pledge to Support the GOP Nominee” And I have been treated very unfairly by loser voters so millions of my armed followers are going to install me as president– with or without winning dumb loser elections… March 30, 2016


Here are a few other “pledges” Trump seems on the way to renouncing … including the Pledge of Allegiance, if he loses the election in November– along with his much ballyhooed pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee as he deals with  controversy after his campaign manager was charged with assaulting a reporter.

(In a television town hall in Milwaukee with CNN on Tuesday night, Trump claimed that he had been “treated very unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and revoked the commitment he signed in September. Although the Republican front-runner previously hinted that he might do so, saying the RNC was “in default”, he had never explicitly revoked his commitment until Tuesday.)


Here’s the speech he might give as the leader of his NEW party on his “inauguration” day…

I have been treated very unfairly. 

Let’s do some history here!

On Inauguration Day, March 4, 1797, Washington, Adams, and Jefferson entered Congress Hall in Philadelphia – then the nation’s capital. John Adams took the oath of office as the new president of the United States.

Afterward, as they got ready to leave, Adams stepped aside at the door to allow Washington to go through first. But Washington was well aware of the historic significance of the moment.

He stopped and asked Adams to leave first. After all, he said, Adams was now president of the United States, and Washington was now just a private citizen.

Adams led, followed by Jefferson, and Washington went last.

This was the first time in human political history that power was transferred between two common citizens without the death or violent overthrow of the person losing power.

And it was a BIG UUUUUUGE Mistake!

I’m going to fix that now!

America treated me unfairly at this election. I’m taking power anyway to make American great again for real Americans!

Washington was a pussy!

Washington was weak!

Jefferson and Adams were UUUUGE LOSERS!




In 1700-whatever, the Constitution  passed its first  test by FAILING to WIN for the WINNERS!

Because of George Washington’s commitment to this stupid piece of paper called a “constitution” I have been treated very unfairly!


I have been treated very unfairly by loser voters so millions of my armed followers are going to install me as president– with or without winning dumb looser elections…

Oh yeah and… I have been treated very unfairly by Congress so I no longer believe in checks and balances  and I’ll pay your legal fees if you kill them…

I have been treated very unfairly by voters so I no longer believe in America millions of my armed followers are going to install me as president– with or without winning elections…

Thus began a heroic struggle, opposed at its inception by nearly all.

Nevertheless, the essential objects of the movement embraced the decisive element.

Its clear and unambiguous aim did not allow the movement to become the tool of definite and limited individual interests, but raised it above all special obligations to the particular obligation of serving the German (I mean American) nation in its entirety, of safeguarding its interests regardless of momentary dissensions or confused thoughts.

Thus, today, I again stand before you.

If the new movement had been or had intended to be nothing but a continuation of the old parties or an addition to existing parties, such an objection would indeed have been justified.

There were certainly more than enough parties in those days. But, after all, our movement was something quite different from all the existing and incipient parties of the time.

It was a movement that declared for the first time and from the very outset that it had no intention of representing the definite, clearly outlined interests of individual classes.

It did not stand for town or farm. It did not represent Catholic or Protestant interests; nor did it represent individual sections of the country. This was a movement which was definitely centered upon the concept of the German (I mean American) people.

It was not a class party, sworn to uphold the right or the left, attempting to divide the nation, but one which from its very beginning had no thought for anything but the German (I mean American) people as a whole.

This brings us to the really fundamental and decisive reason, to the actual cause of the collapse which took place at that time. The American nation had for several decades been exposed to gradual internal disintegration. It was divided into two worlds.

We are only too conscious of them today, we old National Socialists, for we fought and struggled against them. We stood between these two worlds, and it was out of them that our movement gradually came into being.

The conception of the new Movement, whose fundamentals can be expressed in a single sentence: “The Lord helps those who help themselves,” opposed this. That is not only a very pious phrase, but a very just one. For one cannot assume that God exists to help people who are too cowardly and too lazy to help themselves and think that God exists only to make up for the weakness of mankind.

It is only the journalists of our opponents who said that this was so.

They always knew everything. They said: “If the National Socialists do not come to power by October 1928, they are lost.” We were not lost. Again they said: “If the National Socialists do not come into power after the September elections in 1930, National Socialism will be a thing of the past.”

It was not a thing of the past, although we did not come into power. Then in 1932 (I mean 2016) they said: “National Socialism is dead. The Fuehrer has refused to enter the cabinet. He does not want any responsibility. He is too cowardly to accept it. We have always said so. We knew it. He shirks responsibility.”

These sharp-witted journalists who are now in England-they are no longer among us-knew all about it….

And so they kept on fixing new dates for our downfall, and now, in wartime, they are doing exactly the same thing.

And why not? They are the same people, the same prophets, the same political diviners who prophesied the future so wonderfully when they were here.

Now they are employed as assistants in the British Ministry of Information and the British Foreign Office. They always know exactly that on such and such a date the Germans (I mean TRUMP) will be finished.

If fate should once more call us to the battlefield, the blessing of Providence will be with those who have merited it by years of hard work.

When I compare myself and my opponents in other countries in the light of history, I do not fear the verdict on our respective mentalities.

Who are these egoists? Each one of them merely defends the interests of his class. Behind them all stands either the Jew or their own moneybags.

They are all nothing but money-grubbers, living on the profits of this war. No blessing can come of that. I oppose these people merely as the champion of my country.

I am convinced that our struggle will in the future be blessed by Providence, as it has been blessed up to now.

When I first entered this hall twenty-one years ago, I was an unknown, nameless billionaire. I had nothing behind me but my own conviction.

During the twenty-one years since, a new world has been created.

The road leading into the future will be easier. I look to I the future with fanatical confidence.

The whole nation has answered the call.

I know that when the command is given: “Forward march!” Germany will march… **


** NOTE taken from

Adolf Hitler:
Speech to the Nazi Party in Munich

(February 24, 1941)

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