Trump is going to lose the election. And Trump will make us pay. (HINT: It’s Trump’s Version of Hitler’s “scorched earth” Policy) Here’s How to Stop Him Taking Revenge on America

Trump is going to lose the election. And Trump will make us pay. (HINT: It’s Trump’s Version of Hitler’s “scorched earth” Policy) Here’s How to Stop Him Taking Revenge on America August 4, 2016

Tell a large group of not-terribly-bright heavily armed angry white men (prone to belief in alternative “information” and conspiracy theories) that the election of their candidate is being stolen by a rigged system… and what could possibly go wrong? Put it this way: if violence against women increases in domestic abuse cases around the loss of a favorite NFL team- just imagine the day after Trump loses.

As an article on domestic abuse noted in Time:

In a comprehensive survey of domestic violence calls recorded by 763 police departments in half a dozen states,…  that NFL losses can result in a 10% spike in domestic violence reports in the hour or so after a local football team has just suffered a loss. The volume of calls doubles when the team loses to a traditional rival, and also surges if the football team loses during the playoffs.

Trump’s bedrock of white male support comes from the same demographic that thinks carrying a loaded gun makes a good point, other than about the insanity and delusional fear (crime is actually going down) of the carrier. These are the folks who shout “Kill the bitch” at Trump rallies, use the N-Word at those same rallies, think Mexicans are rapists, and would gladly hang President Obama for treason, or just because, if they could get away with turning their slow-motion 8-year Obama lynching through obstruction and lies– into the real deal.

These are the people into racial-control via  authoritarianism at best and at worst… I don’t want to even go there.

Trump is going to lose the election– barring intervention by Putin/Julian Assange or ISIS on his behalf. And Trump will make us pay.

Trump’s final solution to what will be his humiliation and his deflated-ego problem will be to say he didn’t really lose.

In other words he’ll say the system was rigged. He’s already laying the groundwork for this claim.

His lie to his followers is a slander against our democracy itself.

He will say, and is saying now, that the only way he could lose—given he’s a winner by right, right?—is if he and his supporters are cheated by the elites, the media, by Hillary and the federal government, by foreigners — whomever. He is working hard to plant that idea now as A.B. Stoddard notes in Real Clear Politics:

This week he suggested Americans pull their 401(k) funds from the stock market and is working to persuade them the results of November 8 election itself will be manipulated. His attempts to delegitimize critical functions of our democracy are highly irresponsible and potentially dangerous, but among the faithful it has been incredibly effective. Rally-goers this week, according to reports from coverage of the Trump campaign, couldn’t give a hoot about the latest maelstrom. Some believe that Khizr Kahn is not only a Democratic Party plant but doesn’t even live in the United States. This is the new, non-rigged reality.

Trump will not lose any more gracefully than he’s run. His lies and insults to a mother who lost a son to war are only the start. 

And he will not care what happens to a country (in his view) that’s been too stupid to embrace him. If it burns down so be it.

Thus, expect random killings by dimwitted militia types, a cop shot here, a black passerby lynched there, and plenty of women abused by angry white men as they take out their rage on them. Trump the bully has drawn our nation’s bullies to himself.


… untold thousands … are the extremists who hide among us, the right-wing militants who, since 2002, have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have. In that time, according to New America, a Washington think tank, Islamists launched nine attacks that murdered 45, while the right-wing extremists struck 18 times, leaving 48 dead. These Americans thrive on hate and conspiracy theories, many fed to them by politicians and commentators who blithely blather about government concentration camps and impending martial law and plans to seize guns and other dystopian gibberish, apparently unaware there are people listening who don’t know it’s all lies. These extremists turn to violence—against minorities, non-Christians, abortion providers, government officials—in what they believe is a fight to save America. And that potential for violence is escalating every day.

On the domestic front when Trump loses, more children, women and others will be hit, and worse by the hooked-on-authority white men lashing out. And pray you aren’t a Hispanic, Muslim or woman in a car with a Hillary sticker on it if your car breaks down in rural Indiana, or some Southern small town in Tennessee this winter.

I’ll bet that the number of blacks shot by white cops goes up after Trump loses.

It’ll be get even time for the types who join Oath Keepers. The organization is associated with the anti-government patriot movement. As noted in Wikipedia, the group encourages members—some of whom are current and former U.S. military and law enforcement officers—not to obey orders which they believe would violate the United States Constitution. The group is best known for its presence in Ferguson, Missouri during protests and unrest in the city, during which its members were armed with semi-automatic rifles .

After Obama was elected the Secret Service noted a dramatic spike in the usual “normal” threat level as against white presidents. Hillary is being turned into a monster, a terrible woman who steals elections from the rightful owners of America: white men. The Secret Service is going to have their hands full– once again.

The Trump supporters are a dysfunctional nasty bunch.

They are the true heart of the Republican Party and have been for some time now. And just as Trump’s rise has torn the mask off the GOP, so too will his loss tear the mask off the white angry males who have pretended that they love our country.

They will be calling for open rebellion. If cops or the military intervene in whatever showdowns these types spawn, expect some of Trumps’ followers to become cop killers. They have the weapons and thanks to the NRA the cop-killing armor-piercing bullets, 100-round magazines and all the rest.

Post Trump’s loss we will see violence.

No, the sky isn’t falling. It won’t be a revolution, just a nasty piecemeal lashing out.

I don’t envy local cops. I don’t envy wives, children or neighbors of the angry post-Trump armed scared and deluded supporters. The only real beneficiary of the Trump loss will be the ever-present gun lobby and the NRA who will (of course) be feeding the delusional right—again to (you guessed it!) arm yourselves even more!

The losers will think or pretend to think, that they need even more guns to protect themselves against Hilary, the feds, the cops, the military, the environmentalists, the Muslims, Mexicans, blacks, power-grabbing “shrill” women, and everyone else, in fact against anyone sane who believes in American democracy and plays by the rules.

Trump’s final legacy will therefore be nothing more than having successfully stirred up yet another American know-nothing lynch mob.

To Trump the disorder and nastiness his graceless and accusatory loss will generate as he claims “we were robbed!” will be a vindication of sorts of his dark egocentric “I alone can save you” vision. It will in fact be Trump’s, version of Hitler’s bunker mentality as the war ended and Hitler launched a scorched earth policy. He decided that if the war was lost, then Germany didn’t deserve to outlive him having failed to live up to his greatness. As writes in Slate (“Would Donald Trump Really Consider Dropping Out?”):

Trump is enough of an egomaniac that he wants to minimize the sting of defeat. It’s why he has questioned the schedule of the debates—in a failed attempt to alter them to his favor—and it’s why he continues to warn his supporters of a “rigged” election. But the same narcissism that leads him to run roughshod over political norms is what will keep him from dropping out of the race. It’s one thing to lose an election. It’s something else to be the biggest loser who ever graced American politics.

There is only one solution to Trump’s vicious backlash: the 2016 defeat of Trump and the entire GOP must be crushing!

It can’t be a close game (to overuse the the NFL analogy). It has to be a blowout. The GOP leadership’s loss must be as big as Trump’s. (And boy do they deserve it given how they have endorsed Trump.)

Trump’s loss must be so huge that all but the most deluded will know in their gut that claims the election was “stolen” are ridiculous, as ridiculous as Trump himself will soon appear in American history books.

If the GOP is crushed; if Trump loses by double digits; if it’s not close– then there’s a good chance that the worst of the post-Trump delusional violent reaction will be avoided.

So don’t vote for third party candidates. Stand up and crush a genuine monster who has become an existential threat to all of us. Let’s send a message to that white underbelly of the putrid side of America: America is still America, and as great as ever!

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