One Picture Says It All: Here’s the Real Trump “Legacy”

One Picture Says It All: Here’s the Real Trump “Legacy” October 19, 2016

(a gun ad that ran in the Las Vegas Review-Journal photo Twitter)

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“I got three words for you: Cabbage Patch dolls,” Cameron Hopkins, owner of local gun store Westside Armory, replied when HuffPost asked why he believed the price of guns would go up if Clinton becomes president.

“Do you remember when all the kids wanted Cabbage Patch dolls? And it was Christmas time and all the toy stores were running out of Cabbage Patch dolls? So what do you think happened to the price of Cabbage Patch dolls? They all went up,” he explained.

Hopkins admitted that the horrible massacres that occurred during President Barack Obama’s presidency didn’t result in more gun control ― as many conservatives feared ― so there’s a good chance that it will stay that way. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t still afraid liberals will take away their guns, he said.

“We’re a mirror,” Hopkins said. “We’re holding up a mirror to what appears to be going on in the political system right now, and there is a lot of fear that if Hillary is elected there will be dramatic changes to the American way of life, including our right to own guns.”

“Even though we’re doing pretty good in the polls, I don’t believe in the polls anymore,” Trump told a crowd in Colorado, where he … trails in the polls. “Believe me, folks, we’re doing great.” He also advised: “Forget the press, read the internet.”


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