DO NOT MISS SNL’S “the bubble” : It’s for “like-minded free-thinkers… and no one else!”

DO NOT MISS SNL’S “the bubble” : It’s for “like-minded free-thinkers… and no one else!” November 21, 2016

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WATCH this hilarious sketch–“The Bubble” from Saturday Night Live. It imagines a place where “life could continue for progressive Americans just as before” Donald Trump won the presidential election. Live Trump-free in a liberal urban utopia where Bernie Sanders gets to be on the dollar bill!

“So if you’re an open-minded person, come here, and close yourself in!”




P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I’m coming from and my perspective on politics, religion and the intersection of faith and life– here’s a new movie about me. (It’s below the poster on YouTube) scroll down and watch it for free…


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