100 Books You Need in Your Library

100 Books You Need in Your Library June 29, 2019

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”

~ Erasmus

People often ask me what books I recommend reading. In response, I’ve compiled two main lists.

My 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written list.

My 100 Best Christian Academic Works and Commentaries list.

These lists have both been updated recently.

If you are building a spiritual library, I recommend that you begin with these titles.

Note: These aren’t the “pop” books that most Christians rave about today. They are books that are in line with The Deeper Journey.

Each book can be purchased directly from the above pages at a discount.

Be sure to read the explanatory note at the top with the disclaimer.

Click here to listen to the audio where I talk candidly about how to build a library and some “inside information” about contemporary Christian books.

My 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written list has been revised & reformatted.

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  • Julio

    I’ve read all of your books. Am trying not to give up. Dear God. Please call me: can totally use a friend RIGHT NOW!!!! 570-789-0214.