3 Travels That Have Helped My Relationship With God

3 Travels That Have Helped My Relationship With God October 21, 2017

The following is a guest article written by Amy Tori. Enjoy!

Relationships can be tough to manage. With having to keep up with work, friends, family, and other life items, it can be hard to keep everything in order, especially our relationship with God. Honestly, it’s probably one of the most neglected relationships we have, only searching for His guidance when we need it most. Needless to say, this isn’t a healthy balance and one that leaves many questioning their faith as they don’t get the answers they were looking for. However, that’s not exactly how God works.

One of the most prominent teachers I’ve had in my relationship with God and how to balance my connection with him has come through my time spent on the road. As travel is one of the best ways to refresh and start over a little bit, it’s never a bad idea to keep in mind how God can guide you along the way. That’s why I’m providing you with a few examples from my own life on the realizations I’ve made. Check them out below: 

My Trip Through Europe

Perhaps one of the biggest discoveries in my faith came from last summer when I was traveling around Europe. As the continent boasts over 66.9 million people per year, it’s a place where people discover a new sense of exploration and culture, highlighting indelible experiences that last a lifetime. And through my time there, I found a pretty crucial aspect of my relationship with Christ.

Walking through the streets of Paris one night, I found myself noticing an eerily familiar feeling. A man had stopped me and asked for change, which I usually am pretty willing to shell out a buck or two. And while this time was no different, it struck me how common the struggles many of our fellow brothers and sisters face, no matter where they are in the world. For a moment, I suspended any thought behind how others end up in less fortunate positions, and yet again, was stuck with the “why.” Why does God let this happen to people? While the answer to that is left to the unknown, I came to an important realization. If I too am able to help even on the smallest level, no matter where I am, then I can serve a crucial mission of spreading the faith. Because even though I may have enough on my plate, it’s important to make sure that everyone gets fed.

My Niece’s Wedding 

Weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations of love imaginable. However, they can also be one of the most stressful experiences people go through, with so much pressure to have a perfect day, as well as the idea of committing to someone for the rest of your life. This, of course, was putting our family in a bind, so, I suggested we go for a walk.

As the ceremony was being held in the countryside, we strolled along the rolling hills and tree line. While everyone was mostly silent at first, the energy started to shift as we approached the peak of a hill. Over yonder, the sun was beginning to set over the mountains, and while I’ve seen thousands of sunsets before, this one was special. It brought a sense of comfort to everyone, knowing that everything was going to be okay under God’s guidance. Good or bad, the world was going to keep turning, and with that, the next day was magical. All the women looked beautiful in their custom bridesmaid dresses, and the ceremony was an incredible way to bring in the holy matrimony. Yes, believe it or not, God has a funny way letting you know things are going to be alright, and that sunset, as simple as it was, reminded us of that.

A Business Trip To Tulsa 

A few years ago I was looking for some wholesale clothing suppliers to partner with our church’s organization. I had been in discussions with a group out of Tulsa and wanted to explore their inventory before we signed on. At the time, we had quite a bit of followers who we were looking to supply with gear for events, so it was imperative we brought on someone that could handle our volume.

After my arrival, I had learned that somewhere along the way I had lost my wallet, which scared the jeepers out of me. However, after taking a deep breath, I decided to head to the first place I knew would take care of me: the church. Not only did they help feed and shelter me in my time there, but they even assisted with our church’s process of finding a new supplier for our clothing. As cliche as it might sound, I learned that day that God, no matter how bad things are, is never that far away.


What are some stories of your travels that reaffirmed your faith? Answer with your comments below.

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