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Guest Post January 9, 2015

Frank did not write this post.

Chronic fatigue, addiction, or depression causes vision problems, and most self-sabotage comes from lost vision. Most people have a vision. Many people live it. And that’s where I’d like to start.

Do you remember being 13 or so and wanting to be or do something special when you grew up? An athlete, a performer, a hero, a musician, or even a mining entrepreneur – a magnate with lots of money?

And do you remember the potency of having that dream? What you may not know is that achieving dreams and giving up on dreams has the same effect. They cause us to lose heart. So, this is the thing. If you achieve your dreams or lose your goals, the same result happens. You become depressed or fatigued.

Ground Zero In Life Is Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Depression affects 35% of Australians. Fatigue affects 85%. Studies show that addictions to pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, sugar, food, candy, sex, and spirituality have at their root a common cause — lost hope.

Hope is the lowest of human vision emotions, ground zero.

When hope is gone, people suicide. Either spontaneously or slowly through self-abuse and boredom.

Even an improvement in the next hour is hope. As vision increases to more healthy levels, faith gives way to clarity and ambition, desire and aspiration, and with due process gives way to a passion, a big goal or dream.

Taking this vision one step further, it can be translated into a personal experience that can never be lost. That immunity from depression and Chronic fatigue and addiction is called inspiration.

Your inspiration is your key to happiness and immunity from downers. Your motivation is the key to fulfillment and, most surprisingly, a healthy, loving, long term relationship. The keys to your Inspiration are as follows:

A Vision Quest each Year to Reinvent Yourself

The daily process to turn up…stay balanced, centered and therefore not distracted. Ability to release the past and get on with the future with AUTHENTICITY… Not Delusion.

Macular degeneration – vision loss does not have to cloud your vision for success.

One afternoon I was watching the Oprah show and her guest that day was Erik Weihenmayer. He was talking about his climb to the top of Mount Everest. He said that during the climb, his climbing partner, Chris, asked him if he could see himself standing on top of that mountain. Erik responded, “No, not really.” Chris then answered, “Then, you never will.”

Erik said it was at that moment that he realized that all the years and years of training he had put into preparing for that climb were worthless unless he could believe with his whole heart and mind that he would achieve his dream.

On May 25, 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the first person who is blind to summit Mount Everest.

Can a person who cannot see have a clear vision of what they want to achieve? You bet we can! Erik Weihenmayer is proof of this and so am I along with thousands of other people who have lost their sight but refuse to lose their vision for their life.

What is your vision? Has it been clouded with visual impairment due to macular degeneration or another eye condition? There is no need for vision loss to cloud your vision for your life.

With the incredible technology available today, there is no reason for anyone to worry for one second that vision loss is going to rob them of living an exciting life or, more importantly, of living their dream. If you are finding a quality pair of glasses for your eyes and the reliable online optical store, each pair of prescription eyeglasses you get from comes with high-quality lenses. Most of these are incredibly light in weight and always have a super anti-reflection layer to remove glare. They’re also shatterproof. The company has all lenses custom-made. To achieve this, the company works in partnership with world-leading lens manufacturers.

“Your vision is your promise of what you shall one day be.” -James Allen

Your mind’s eye can still see even if those two beautiful eyes of yours cannot. So, what do you envision yourself doing?

Fine-Tune Your Vision

Put as much detail in it as possible. Set out to discover the answers to any questions that you may be having. You cannot wait until you have all of the answers before you get started. The answers are out there. You will find them.

Think about it this way, if you wanted to drive across the town or city where you live, would you wait until all the traffic lights were green before you began your journey? Of course not. Now, if you have a visual impairment, then get out of the driver’s seat!

On a serious note, know that vision loss does not mean losing the vision you have for your life. I lost most of my eyesight at age eight, but that did not keep me from living my dream as a public-school teacher for 21 years.

Today I am the owner of one school. Telesensory video magnifiers made it possible for me to live my dream as a teacher and today as a businesswoman. You, too, can live your dream! Let’s go!

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