The “Christians” and American Politics

The “Christians” and American Politics October 20, 2020
Praying With a Hate-Filled Heart
Welcome to another Thursday UNFILTERED blog post, the only blog that’s been living in a parallel universe all throughout 2020.
I marvel in disbelief when some professing Christians I know tell me they pray to God every night, yet live their lives are full of anger and hatred toward people they disagree with politically (or theologically).
Let me give you an example.
Demetrius Splitkin lives in the United States. He’s older than most of you.
Demetrius loves his country, and he’s a news junkie.
Mr. Splitkin tells his friends, “I pray every night to God that ____ will win the presidential election in November. If not, this country is going down the tubes!”
At the same time, Demetrius hurls invectives daily at his television set when various pundits and politicians appear on the screen.
Demetrius’ scabrous rantings sound like this,
“I hate that scum@#g so much I wish he’d have a stroke and die! He’s a disgusting basta#@d”
And …
“I wish someone would assassinate that woman and put a bullet in her head. She’s despicable, pure evil!”
Yet despite Mr. Splitkin’s seething hatred and unbridled abhorrence toward other mortals, he “prays to God every night” for his country.

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