Attention Authors & Bloggers

Attention Authors & Bloggers June 30, 2018


While the original event was in 2014, we created a full-blown course out of it. Read on …

Two of the most frequently asked questions I get are:

1) How do I get people to read my blog – and make money blogging?


2) I’m a new author and I want to know how I can get my book seen and read by many people. In fact, I’d love to hit a best-seller list. How can I do this?

Because I’ve mastered how to earn income through blogging, and five of my books have hit four different best-seller lists, I’ve distilled all of my knowledge with the most valuable strategies I’ve learned in helping bloggers and authors become successful at their craft. And I’ll be sharing it all in the upcoming Buzz Seminar.

Mike Morrell will be doing the seminar with me. Morrell helped The Shack become a mega-best-seller (his name appears on the back of the book – check it out) and he’s helped many other authors promote their books.

He also uses movement-building social media strategies to help grow events, including one he grew from just an idea to 1700 attendees his first year out. These same strategies can be used to grow your readership as an author, and Mike will show you how.

Why Is It Called The Buzz Seminar?

Because one of the keys to getting your message heard above the static that clutters the online and offline worlds is to build buzz around your blog or book. That’s what the Buzz Seminar equips you to do.

What the Buzz Seminar IS and ISN’T:

1) The Buzz Seminar is NOT a “Christian” event. Nor is it a ministry. It’s a business event that’s designed to train any blogger and any author, whether they are a Christian or not.

2) The Buzz Seminar is NOT a casual event. It’s a highly intensive training. The Buzz Seminar provides tools, resources, skills, and expert knowledge on how to use a trade (blogging and writing) that earns income.

While I personally don’t profit from my book sales, most authors do, and I have no problem with that. Writing a book of any kind is one of the most difficult tasks a human can accomplish.

3) The Buzz Seminar is NOT inexpensive. Looking for cheap or free? Wrong mindset. You get what you pay for. Like going to school for a trade, the Buzz Seminar is an investment for your career and your future. Unlike so many seminars for platform-builders, we aren’t promising that you will get rich off of your blog or book. But we are telling you that it’s very possible to earn consistent, livable income if a.) You have a compelling message to share, and b.) You put the principles we teach into practice. For that reason, we’re calling this a seminar for “blue-collar” bloggers and authors – ordinary people who are willing to do what it takes to earn a living from their passion.

4) While this event isn’t inexpensive, it is LESS EXPENSIVE than any other seminar or workshop covering similar topics. We’ve investigated them all; those other seminars and workshops typically charge anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 per person! The Buzz Seminar is less expensive, yet the content is equally (or more) valuable.

Who this seminar is NOT for . . .

  • Casual bloggers who blog as a hobby and don’t care about traffic to their blog.
  • Best-selling authors who already have an enormous platform (think Rick Warren, Max Lucado, and Joyce Meyer – sorry, y’all.).
  • Those who are unwilling to make a financial investment to learn how to earn income.
  • Those who are uninterested in earning money by blogging or writing books.
  • Those who don’t care to write a book.
  • Those who wrote a book, but don’t care if people buy it (beyond their parents!).

You WON’T want to miss this seminar if . . .

* You are frustrated that very few people read your blog posts.

* You already have a decent readership, but you want to take your blog to the next level.

* You want to earn income by blogging.

* You want to know how to publish a book.

* You want to know how to get people to notice and read your book.

* You want to learn how to build an audience that regularly reads your work.

* You want to know how to hit at least one best-seller list with your book.

*  You want to network with other bloggers and authors and learn from them.

Update: The Buzz Seminar is over, but it’s all been recorded, expanded, and turned into a Master Course that you can take at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Go to for details on how to get the course.

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