Why I’m Not a Fan of Most Christian Tracts

Why I’m Not a Fan of Most Christian Tracts February 15, 2021

This first one is oxymoronic, no? But I like the satire.


This second one is just dead wrong. Can you tell why?


Look at the last statement — “the family has requested that everyone TRY TO LIVE as Jesus did.”

Puhhlleease . . . do so and you will sink like Peter did.

The New Testament doesn’t call us to an “imitation of Christ” = trying to copy His life. It instead calls us to a “participation in His life.”

How did Jesus live His life? He lived by His Father’s life which indwelt Him.

“I can do nothing of my own, it’s the Father who does the works.”

“As the living Father has sent me and I live by the Father, so He who partakes of me shall live by me.”

“Not I, but Christ lives through me,” said Paul.

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