Post Expired

Post Expired November 18, 2014

"I don't see anything in this post that would provoke such a question, so I'm ..."

Shocking Beliefs of Augustine
"How is the Just War view a demonic doctrine?"

Shocking Beliefs of Augustine
"Sadly, for decades if not centuries, nobody emphasis and reinforce it to the parents that ..."

Tips to Make Relationship with Your ..."
"If Jesus is God then he is the God of the OT."

Shocking Beliefs of Augustine

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  • Joel Frederick

    Second… B

  • Ok Frank, I’m going to cause some trouble. 😉 I really like cover B(purple), but with cover A or C lettering.

  • Ralph R

    Cover B

  • Jeremy Hetzel

    Cover A. 🙂

  • I like Cover B because I don’t think purple is used as often so it may stand out more.

  • disqus_I9J1Z0Cbgm

    Cover B

  • Roberta13

    Cover B

  • Michele Stanford

    Cover C (blue with lighter yellow)

  • Greg Carlet

    Cover B (purple)