Did You Miss Any of These?

Did You Miss Any of These? February 2, 2021

What follows are my most recent UNFILTERED updates and blog posts, some of which have been shared numerous times around the Web.

I hope they encourage you.

If you wish to share any of them, there are “Share” buttons below each article.

Prophetic Nonsense

The Truth (and Lie) About Being Vulnerable

Everybody’s an Expert Today and So Are You

Another Relationship Killer

Why You Shouldn’t Offer Unsolicited Advice

This is Sabotaging Your Relationships

Important Update — A Change

"As of this date - Nov. 10, 2020 - millions haven't "moved on" -- they ..."

Can Trump Defy Gravity & Regain ..."
"In response to the question about the possibilities of Trump ascending to a second term ..."

Can Trump Defy Gravity & Regain ..."
"Jesus new covenant blood is the most potent unifying force on planet earth. The Cross ..."

George Floyd and More Screwball Conspiracy ..."
"I'm surprised there have been no comments on this. I understand what Jim is saying. ..."

GENESIS 3 CHRISTIANITY and My Journey ..."

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