The Sinking Ship of Evangelical Christianity

The Sinking Ship of Evangelical Christianity December 7, 2012

This blog post has been revised, retitled, and turned into a chapter in Beyond Evangelical which is part of my Entire eBook Library.

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  • Frank Viola

    Thx. My books are in Spanish. Email and ask for the link to them.

  • Mark Walsh

    Please swing by Mexico on your next tour, and come with Spanish translation lifeboats of your great articles, por favor. The leaky ship of Mexican evangelism thrown together by all sorts of missionaries and “rice Christian” projects is sinking even faster than the U.S. one, bringing my semnary/missionary prep ministry down with it. Mexican evangelicals are blissfully ignorant of the imminant disaster and consider me a passionate loco for trying to wake them up to action. Our “church2go” looks like a promising step on the journey of a thousand miles. (Like pizza-to-go but with Holy Spirit toppings on Jesus bread 🙂 ) It’s easier to get my family out of status quo church than to get the status quo church mentality out of them.

  • Well said Frank. This has been Relevancy22’s constant theme since inception as I’ve moved from one cherished Evangelical doctrine to another examining the repercussions of dogmatism instead of an open, living faith.

  • Frank Viola

    Wow. Coincidence! Didn’t know that.

  • Is it a coincidence that a blogpost on “The Sinking Ship of Evangelical Christianity” appeared on Pearl Harbor Day?
    I haven’t read the book, but if I could offer my own brief comment as someone who doesn’t hesitate to call himself a “conservative Evangelical,” (or even Paleo-Evangelical, if you like), I think that we have indeed arrived at a decisive turning point in history. Much of modern Evangelicalism is the product of the Victorian era, when Christianity was quite respectable, and many embraced the faith for social and cultural reasons. But the surrounding culture has changed quite dramatically, and it is no longer fashionable to be a conservative Bible-believing Christian. So where does that put us?
    I think A.W. Tozer saw the handwriting on the wall. I would like to think that those who are serious about their relationship with God, who have had a genuine experience of the new birth, will continue to take the Bible seriously as God’s revealed truth, and will hold fast to a theology that is recognizably Protestant and orthodox. The rest will seek to accommodate themselves to the shifting sands of the mainstream culture. And if my take on eschatology is correct (the church will go through the Great Tribulation) an underground church of committed believers will emerge that will relive the experience of First Century Christianity. And then the bride will be ready for the groom!