How (Not) to Leave a Church

How (Not) to Leave a Church October 8, 2013

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  • I don’t recommend an in-person meeting with the pastor simply because I’ve heard too many stories from people I know personally where those were some of the ugliest meetings they’ve ever been in. A letter is far safer emotionally and psychologically.

  • Brian s

    Very good! I think also when one is leaving a church that they meet with the pastor, or other leadership in a very big church, and explain why they are leaving. That way there will be no misunderstanding. When we left our last church where we had been for 15 years, I went to the pastor who I knew very well and told why we felt the Lord was moving us on. We did not criticize what he did as pastor, but told him why we could no longer support him or the church. By doing this nobody was left wondering “what happened?”, and the pastor knew exactly what was in our minds and hearts. Others had left before us and the pastor thought they were disobedient to God in some way. (He said so.) We did not want to leave any bad impression when we departed.

  • marthaorlando

    Very sound advice! I’m happy to say that I’m delighted with my church and very thankful to be attending there.

  • wesschoel

    I can only add a big AMEN. I suggest people stay the course and remain in a congregation until it is very clear they should leave. If and when that happens one should follow these suggestions.