I’m Looking for a New Podcast ….

I’m Looking for a New Podcast …. July 26, 2021

“I’m looking for a new podcast … what do you suggest?” …

… is the question I often see on my social media feeds, whenever my eye catches them.

I always appreciate when someone answers, “The Insurgence podcast! It’s a must.”

Thanks to all of you who listen.

The Insurgence podcast is unlike most podcasts available now in the Christian space.

The subject is the explosive gospel of the kingdom. And I have several conversation partners.

The INSURGENCE podcast is on all the major podcast platforms.

Pick your favorite one below and subscribe.

Each episode builds on the previous ones, so you’ll want to hear them all.

A new episode releases every Tuesday.

I’m excited about the episodes that are in the queue because they, in my view, are perhaps the very best.

But they build on the previous ones.

Check it out below:






Google Play


Pocket Casts



Update: The podcast reached #9 in iTunes out of all podcasts in the “Religion & Spirituality” category. Thanks so much for giving it a 5-star rating!

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