What Surprised Me About My Calling

What Surprised Me About My Calling January 17, 2021

Jeff Goins interviewed me for one of his books about a person’s calling.

Here’s my full answer to Jeff’s question.

Jeff Goins: What’s one surprising lesson you’ve learned about finding your calling?

Frank Viola: In my case, three elements went into discovering my calling.

(1) The inward knowing of God’s call. This is something I couldn’t get away from. I simply “knew” that I was called to the work I’m presently engaged in. And that “knowing” is always there.

(2) The witness of others who know me. Testimonials of many who have benefited from my work attest to the genuineness of the calling.

(3) The unique need that it serves. I believe every vocation will meet a real need in the world in a unique way.

That said, what surprised me about my calling is that even though I know what it is, I experience times of discouragement, frustration, and exhaustion while fulfilling it. Calling and “work” go hand in hand. My calling makes me come alive. But the work part of it sometimes brings discouragement and tiredness. Thus one must find periods of rest (and even a pastime hobby) to recharge themselves to better fulfill their calling.

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