Joseph McGee’s “I, Witness”

Joseph McGee’s “I, Witness” November 18, 2020

From Joseph himself about his new book:

“I was a lone sinner, dying of cancer, and carrying the burden of guilt when Christ came to me. It was by His grace, and His grace alone, that He showed me mercy, and because I believed, He saved me. For so long I was tripped up by my own efforts. I went to church every Sunday and said the words and tried as hard as I could to believe everything.

But, put to the test, something was missing! How could this be? And what of the dozen or so men I knew over the years who killed themselves? What was it they had not been told that they needed to know? And the ones who lost family and even children—what did we all need that the church was not giving us? And why do so many young people fall away when they grow up?

How is it that good Christian people think their comfy lives in the safety of America are somehow justified by mailing a check or participating in some safe, prearranged “mission” activity?

I needed more! Then I had a life-changing experience of the Risen Christ. This is reason I wrote the book, I-Witness.”

An excerpt from Joseph McGee’s book, I, Witness:

“I have cancer, stage 4, and I do pray for a cure. As of now, they are doing treatment that buys time. There is a chance that immunotherapies will have a breakthrough while I still can benefit from it. That cure is not yet available. That means that if something else does not kill me first, in the next few years I will die of cancer.

Therefore, I write in all seriousness and earnestness. There is no game, no fooling around. I do not care about money. Any profit that comes from this book I will give to the homeless people that help care for.

I can see clearly now that we all live in the valley of the shadow of death from the moment of

conception. Every minute, every day. We all whistle past the graveyard at night. But we are also resting in God’s gentle hands the whole time. We are His children, and He cares for us. Even when He sends us into the lion’s den, he goes with us.”

You can learn more about Joseph and his new book, I, Witness by visiting his website:

All proceeds of his book will go to support the local homeless Shelter where Joseph currently volunteers.

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