Why a Mastermind Event Will Always Trump a Big Conference

Why a Mastermind Event Will Always Trump a Big Conference May 1, 2021

It’s hard being out front. Mainly because when you create something new, it’s unfamiliar to the masses.

While mastermind groups are incredibly popular (and very dear) to the world of high-level entrepreneurs — pastors, teachers, missionaries, seminary professors, life-coaches, and others in ministry don’t know much about them. So their first response is to shrug their shoulders when hearing about a “mastermind” event.

They immediately equate it with a pastor’s network gathering, a leadership seminar, a “support” group, or just another conference.

Every pastor or teacher I’ve ever met is looking for a breakthrough in their ministry. Each one is looking to resolve a problem and/or to take their ministry to the next level. They are looking for greater impact. To accomplish more with less.

This is the primary reason why they will invest a boatload of money into attending the big, popular conferences that draw thousands of people. But here’s the unspoken truth — aside from the brief mingling part in the hallways and during meals, they are hoping one of the speakers will give them the antidote — the breakthrough they are looking for.

The problem is that most of the time (or should I see nearly every time?), they walk away excited with a notebook full of scribblings, but there’s no real breakthrough. Nothing earth-shattering took place. It was just another event. And things go back to normal.

Well, contrast that with spending 3 days with a small group of highly-motivated and highly-gifted leaders, facilitated by someone who has been guiding mastermind groups for years.

And consider that those 3 days are completely focused on your specific breakthrough. It’s focused on your specific challenge or problem. They are focused on you and your needs as a minister – specifically and directly.

Plus, consider that you are also a contributor to the needs and breakthroughs of others at the event. So you’re not just a passive spectator (like in a conference). You are given a platform to minister – a venue to use your talents and insights to help others.

But that’s not all. At this 3-day event, you have time – a lot of it – to form high-level connections with the others. Ongoing and meaningful connections.

That’s exactly where the power of a mastermind gathering is found. And it’s why they are so popular in the business world, and they it will always trump a conference. Especially when it comes to giving you a breakthrough.

These are the reasons why I created MinistryMind – a premium mastermind gathering for those who preach and/or teach (in any capacity).

Yes, it’s an uphill battle trying to introduce a new concept and experience to pastors and teachers who only know the old models. But I for one have always loved “being there from the beginning” and experiencing what’s on the cutting edge.

How about you?

If you are interested in information about MinistryMind, go to MinistryMind.org

Painful P.S. By the way, there’s one kind of leader who isn’t a good fit for a mastermind group. It’s the proud leader who prefers to hide in a big conference than to learn from his or her peers in a small mastermind event. But then again, proud leaders aren’t very effective when it comes to producing eternal value, even though they might be outstanding organizers. “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”


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