A New Book for People in Ministry

A New Book for People in Ministry October 28, 2022

Quick note that if you’re a pastor, evangelist, missionary, teacher, or a person in any other kind of service to God, you’ll be interested in my new book.

It’s called 48 Laws of Spiritual Power: Uncommon Wisdom for Greater Ministry Impact.

The cover is exquisite (thank you, Tyndale).

The Taste Test Sampler, which you can download, will tell you what the book is and isn’t about.

For instance, it doesn’t teach you how to zap demons and do great wonders and eat cucumbers (as my old friend’s mother used to put it).

There are hundreds of books on that subject.

48 Laws of Spiritual Power is quite different. It covers the waterfront on the “laws” (principles) that govern God’s power in all aspects of ministry and service.

The book contains 40 years of lessons I’ve unearthed in serving the Lord in many different contexts – lessons born out of failure, success, highs, lows, blood, sweat, tears, and even laughs (mostly at myself).

In addition, anyone who has read my work knows that I’m highly allergic to legalism.

So when I refer to the “laws” of God’s power, I’m not using the term “laws” to mean “rules.” Instead, I’m using it to refer to unchanging principles, as in the “law” of gravity.

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