How to Find Time to Listen to a Podcast

How to Find Time to Listen to a Podcast April 28, 2021


Some of you asked how to find time to listen to my first podcast. Here are the strategies I myself use to listen to a podcast:

* I listen while I’m exercising. When I’m on the treadmill, the elliptical, or the arc trainer, or even while pumping the iron, I have my iPhone on and my earbuds in, listening to a podcast.

* While I’m driving. If your car is equipped with bluetooth, you can run the podcast from your smart phone through your car speakers. If you don’t have bluetooth, you can listen on your smart phone with the volume turned up or with ear buds on (some drivers don’t like doing that and I’m not sure if there’s a law against it in your state, but if you’re a passenger, you certainly can.)

* When it’s warm outside, I like to walk. Some people like to run. This is the perfect time to listen to an

* I’ve listened to a podcast while I’m washing the dishes or cleaning up part of the house. I have the podcast running on my iPhone and listen with ear buds in.

* When I’m waiting. Waiting for what? Anything. Waiting in a car line to pick someone up. Waiting at the dentist’s office. Waiting at the bus stop.

Since I’m doing all of these activities already, it takes me no additional time to listen to a podcast.

Problem solved.

Why is my first podcast called “Christ is All”?

The podcast title comes from Paul’s words in Colossians 3:11. The following quote is by J.C. Ryle. Ryle explains what these three words mean, and that’s why I chose them for the podcast title.

“These three words are few, short and soon spoken; but they contain great things.

These three words are the essence and substance of Christianity.

These three words give to Christ His rightful place.”

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