A God Who Prescribes Violence in the Old Testament – A Different View

A God Who Prescribes Violence in the Old Testament – A Different View February 20, 2019

Ever since the 1800s, modernists have tried to argue that God is inconsistent because of the commands of YHWH (God) to His people to slaughter the Canaanite nations.

Some Christian scholars today have tried to resolve the problem by suggesting that God never told Israel to do such a thing. But rather, this was Israel’s own inaccurate narrative of what happened.

Others have argued that God did in fact command Israel to kill, but we simply cannot t understand the reasons why, so we must accept, believe, and move on.

There’s actually a third way of looking at these narratives that some have interpreted to portray the God of Israel as a blood-thirsty bully.

In Episode 7 of the new INSURGENCE podcast my partner (a theologian) and I answer this question.

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