How Personality & Temperament Influences Theology & Church Types

How Personality & Temperament Influences Theology & Church Types March 19, 2021

Many students of the Bible have demonstrated that the “soul” — according to Scripture — contains three parts: mind, will, and emotion.

In Revise Us Again, I discussed how these three parts of the soul map to the way that each Christian tends to recognize God’s voice. (You can listen to that chapter here for free.)

People are generally wired to lead with one part of their soul. Some are mostly heady/intellectual (mind), others are mostly emotive/feelers (emotions), and others tend toward being mostly volitional/doers (will).

That said, in my Christian experience over the years, I’ve found that . . .

Intellectuals tend to be attracted to Anglicanism, for example.

Emoters tend to be attracted to Pentecostalism/Charismaticism, for example.

Doers tend to be attracted to Baptist churches, for example. (One Baptist famously remarked, “If God didn’t part the Red Sea, us Baptists would have gotten out our buckets and emptied it dry!”)

Notice I said “tend to be.” There are always exceptions, of course. But these are general patterns I’ve observed.

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