Do Any of These Solve a Problem You Currently Face?

Do Any of These Solve a Problem You Currently Face? August 22, 2019

The reason why I’ve produced books, articles, audios, courses, Master Classes, podcasts, and videos is to solve problems that Christians face.

I subscribe to the philosophy that you should never eat the food made by a chef who hasn’t first tasted his own recipes.

So what follows are the result of problems I myself have faced in my spiritual journey and the solutions I’ve found for each of them.

But the journey never ends.

I’m currently facing new problems and seeking the Lord for solutions.

In time, therefore and God willing, a new product will emerge (whether a book, audio, course, etc., I don’t know) after I’ve found a solution that has worked in my own life for some period of time.

That said, here are the current resources (both free and paid) that seek to solve common (and uncommon) problems that God’s people face today.

I hope you find much help from them.


My three podcasts – the most recent is the INSURGENCE podcast. There’s also the Christ is All podcast (over 120 episodes) and The Deeper Journey podcast (3-minute episodes).

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My eBooks (no charge): Rethinking the Will of God, Discipleship in Crisis, and Where’s God?

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Our new YouTube Channel: Conference messages, interviews, podcasts, monologues, book chapters.

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Our New INSURGENCE FB page – for those interested in the gospel of the kingdom.

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My FAQ page – includes hundreds of questions and answers.

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Want access to my best work and connect with others on the deeper journey?

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Up your productivity game with PROLIFIC, my goal-setting, discover your mission, productivity/creativity course.

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Want to write a book or learn how to promote it? Get on the wait list for SCRIBE 2020.

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If you’re a pastor or teacher who is preaching/teaching the gospel of the kingdom, attend MinistryMind – my Mastermind gathering for leaders.

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The “How to Live by the Indwelling Life of Christ” course is available now.

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