This Could Spare You From Life-Long Regret

This Could Spare You From Life-Long Regret July 7, 2021

Regret . . . it’s a horrible thing.

In a moment of stupidity or practical insanity, you do something for which you want to kick yourself, slap yourself, or give yourself an atomic knee drop.

You wish it were a bad dream, a nightmare, but it really happened . . . and you can’t do anything about it.

When I was in my 20s, the Lord would often speak to me through dreams.

Today, only on rare occasion will I receive a dream that I believe is from the Lord.

This morning, I received such a dream. In it, I was supposed to write a blog post on a topic that I’ve never written on or  given much thought to.

So I’m doing that now.

This has particular application for my sisters and brothers in the Lord who are young and single.

The message is very simple, but it’s one that I believe is going to spare some of you from monumental regret.

Here it is: When you attend a party, be very conscious that you don’t drink too much.

In the dream, I was to make this bulleted list.

Keep in mind that when you consume too much alcohol it lowers your inhibitions and throws your judgment and spiritual instincts out of the window.

If you drink too much, these things can happen to you (and they have happened to many).

* you can end up having an unwanted pregnancy.

* if you get behind the wheel, you can be arrested and have your license revoked (DUI).

* you can end up cheating on someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse.

* if you’re a virgin, you can end up losing it to someone you don’t even like.

* you can do or say something so boneheaded that you end up making a fool of yourself and even lose friends.

* you can end up in a fight.

* you can even die due to alcohol poisoning.

Don’t kid yourself. Christians aren’t immune to any of these things.

And yes, we all know about them. But sometimes “a word spoken in due season” is needed to warn us before we drive over a cliff.

Like I said, I don’t normally write about stuff like this. But I received a dream to do so, and thus I believe there’s someone reading this — perhaps many — who will be spared a lot of pain and heartache because of it.

If you feel inclined, share this post directly via Facebook message or email with any young single friends you have.

They may thank you some day.

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