Rethinking Discipleship

Rethinking Discipleship September 25, 2018

Rethinking Discipleship was delivered by Frank Viola at the 2015 Christian Festival in Urbana, IL.

Some have dubbed it “The Stairway to Heaven Message” because of the way it’s structured.

Here are testimonies from those who heard it live.

“This message is one of the high points of Frank’s speaking ministry. An escalating, epic, spiritual odyssey which increases in tempo until it’s brilliant, stunning end. Delivered at the peak of Viola’s creative powers. An incredible look at discipleship, tremendously powerful.”

~ Jim Beck

“Frank’s address [Rethinking Discipleship] at our 2015 Christian festival was a mix of styles that I’ve not heard before. He brought me to tears with the personal stories of a God who came to remove shame and break through social barriers to connect with outcasts, but also provided a structured, analytical examination of scripture and the historical context to provide support for the emotional retelling of Jesus’ interactions with people like us.”

~ Jim Eisenmenger

“This powerful message brought me to my knees.”

~ Brandon Miller

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