A Phrase Speakers Should Stop Using

A Phrase Speakers Should Stop Using March 30, 2019

If you ever listen to a pastor, teacher, or conference speaker rehearse a story, you’ll often hear them say something like this:

“After I finished my talk last month, someone came up to me and asked . . .”

The phrase “someone came up to me” is a well-worn statement that’s unthinkingly repeated by speakers, both Christian and non-Christian alike.

These speakers hear others use it, then they unwittingly use it without a thought.

I used to use it myself until someone challenged me to examine the phrase over a decade ago.

Think about what those words convey.

Someone came UP to you. That being translated means: the poor plebes must ascend to Mount Olympus in which you stand to ask you their puny question.

Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it’s not far off the mark.

When this was pointed out to me, I stopped using the phrase immediately.

How about saying, someone asked me this question …?

Or even, someone walked over to me and said … ?

Why do they always have to come UP to you?

If you’re a speaker, consider it.

And the next time you hear someone make this statement, send them this blog post.

They’ll either thank you for it or they’ll flame you with some not so kind words (defensive souls they are).

Speaking of pastors and teachers, if you minister God’s Word, I invite you — and them (the ones whom you know)  — to attend the upcoming MinistryMind event.

We will explore stuff like this . . .  you know, the things hardly anyone thinks or talks about, and much more.

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