Do This Now So You Don’t Miss Out

Do This Now So You Don’t Miss Out January 26, 2021

Unfortunately, valuable emails often go into your spam folder, your junk folder, or (the very worst!) the Promotions tab if you use Gmail.

I know because it always happens to me.

The Promotions tab is on the far right of your Gmail inbox (see image below). If you find it there, click the email and drag it into the your Primary folder (to the left), then click “Yes” when it asks you to do this for all future emails from me.


If you unsubscribed from my Personal UNFILTERED updates by accident, you can resubscribe here.

If you are subscribed and don’t see it, check your spam/junk folder and your Promotions tab (if you use Gmail). 

Also, Hotmail and MSN now have a folder called “Other” where valuable emails often land. Always check that one too.

There’s a good chance that a valuable email is lying dormant in one of those folders.

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