The Top Christian Blogs

The Top Christian Blogs March 31, 2013

This post has been removed since the blog rankings are in constant change.

(My other humble blog – Beyond Evangelical – still ranks in the top 10 of most blog ranking systems.)

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  • Good point and analogy to books. Most of the blogs I like are on those lists, but several aren’t.

  • Basing the list on Alexa ratings and claiming they are ‘the top blogs you should be reading’ is a bit like saying we should only read the most popular books.

    More useful would be a rating based on quality, whatever that is, and relevance. But that makes it subjective and it would be a very time-consuming exercise. It’s likely there are many less popular but excellent blogs out there that people would benefit from reading.

    I’d be more interested in hearing about just ten blogs that you, personally, enjoy and find useful – and why.

  • Thanks for including me in the list here! You may notice that your own blog shows up in the Of Dust And Kings top 10 list. 😉

  • Thanks for putting us in there Frank. Very honored. Someone bought me Pagan Christianity? a few years back. Been following your blog, podcast, and books ever since. I really appreciate you sir and I send as many to your blog as possible 😉 Keep up the great work for HIM!

  • Frank Viola

    Fair question. The list of the top 10 female bloggers is one that I compiled. But I’ll consider creating a more general list. Thx.

  • David Burnet

    The links lead to lots of blogs…too many (for me) to easily explore.

    I’d love to see blogs you recommend, and that are recommended by people you respect.

    I really don’t want general recommendations, I’m here for what you think, what you know about; and I’d love to see blog recommendations that reflect this. This is what I was hoping for when I saw that you were offering information about blogs, and having so many general or “fair” lists of “popular” blogs was, for me, a disappointment.

    Thanks for being so far; *and* I hope you’ll share blogs you find interesting that we might want to learn about.

  • Frank Viola

    Thx. Fixed.

  • mark

    Of Dust and Kings and Blogrank go to the same link.