When Did Christians Start Tithing?

When Did Christians Start Tithing? October 20, 2018

In our book, Pagan Christianity, George Barna and I wrote an entire chapter on the history of tithing from the Old Testament era, through the New Testament, and onward into church history.

What we establish will shock most Christians.

Namely, Christians didn’t begin the practice of tithing until hundreds of years after the death of the apostles.

They certainly gave money to various needs. But they didn’t tithe as they do today.

On another subject, have you ever asked yourself where the modern “worship service” comes from that’s observed in virtually every Protestant and evangelical church with minor adjustment to date?

* Worship/praise music led by a worship team, music director, or choir.

* Offering

* Sermon

* Often more singing

* Benediction

In Pagan Christianity, Barna and I trace exactly where this order of worship came from. And it’s not the Bible.

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