Why You Could Use a Transcriber

Why You Could Use a Transcriber July 15, 2016

Many of you who read this blog are speakers, podcasters, authors, writers, and other creatives.

As such, you know the value of saving time and creating new valuable content.

Example: for my recent PROLIFIC Productivity & Creativity Program, I hired Janette Mowry to transcribe all 22 audios which made up the PDF transcript to the course.

Janette does a great job and her prices are competitive.

I caught up with Janette recently to talk to here about how a transcriber can benefit you and your work.


How did you get into transcribing?

I learned I had a knack for typing when I learned in the 9th grade. Got out of school and did a variety of other things not even related to typing. Then, nearing the end of 2005, working a f/t admin. job at my local Sheriff’s Office I wanted to make a few extra bucks so I signed up on a freelance website. I bid on a few scattered projects here and there and then was tasked with a project by someone outsourcing projects for others.

I accepted the initial project, transcribing an Internet radio shows interviews of the host and guest. These became regularly weekly projects assigned to me. After 6 months of transcribing for the same individual, that individual found out I was doing the transcripts as opposed to the other person he had actually hired, he then came straight to me and asked if I’d be interested in starting my own business. I was nervous, yet excited and ultimately said yes. This individual and I had never met and only spoke once on the phone in all this time.

In early October of 05’, he asked if I’d be interested in attending a 3-day event in Atlanta, GA., that he’d pay the fee for the event and the hotel, I just needed to show up so we could meet. I jumped at the chance. I was nervous, never having attended an event B4. I was a bit shy. We did meet on the first day, along with his entire family, who were all involved in his biz and attending. They were great. He offered me a deal I couldn’t pass up, to quit my job and start a business w/the radio show as my first official client.

I’d had some quick business cards printed to hand out. After our meet-up I sat in on a few presentations and learned to meet people and sell my services, obtaining my 2nd official client and no more.

What are the benefits for having something transcribed for authors, bloggers, podcasters, and writers?

One of the most important things I’ve learned in all my years in business is that people’s learning modalities differ from person to person. Some enjoy listening, some watching and some reading. It’s been my experience throughout this time as well, to know that if you believe it’s worth recording, be it audio or video, that it’s worth transcribing, because the written word can be used in so many ways.

Not only will it give you an entire verbatim/semi-verbatim or summarized version of the audio/video which, as a transcript can be used as a giveaway when launching a new program, broken down into articles for blog posts, turned into an eBook, added to other materials to create a mini-eCourse, used as a script for a podcast, downloaded as a series on USB, the possibilities are endless as to its uses, it just depends on what business you’re in.

Give some examples of how pastors and Christian authors have used your services.

I have worked with several pastors, who would send me weekly recordings of sermons they wished to have transcribed and when folks weren’t able to be at church, he would provide them with a copy to read. I had one minister who would send me random recordings of other pastor’s sermons they wished to have transcribed so they could write notes and use them as inspiration in creating their own sermons. I’ve worked with Christian authors, either transcribing their own recordings where they turned the transcripts into published works and others for whom I would transcribe weekly podcasts, monthly teachings/youth ministry workshops, etc.

What is the turnaround time after someone sends you an audio to transcribe?

Project turnaround can vary, depending on when it is received. We are a small business and we strive to provide quality personalized customer service to our clientele. There are variables when speaking of turnaround time.

  1. Projects are placed on the schedule in the order in which they are received. Each week’s work schedule is created on Thursday for the following week.
  1. Turnaround time can also vary, depending on the size of the audio and/or video, and whether there is one or more people talking… like with an interview, workshop, round table meeting, conference, or a coach, trainer, counselor, teaching of some kind.

It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to transcribe 1 hr., which can vary depending on the # of people speaking. If the audio and/or video is 90 min. 2 hours or even longer; or, if there is a series project where there are several days’ worth of audio and the project length is 5, 7, 10 even 20 audio and/or video hours long, then it should be expected it will take time as that’s not our only project and that many hours is a process to complete.

A process, because for one, it’s quite lengthy which we actually like those types of projects they just take time. See, we use foot pedals and headphones so we don’t miss anything pertinent in the content. We do not use voice activated software or other computerized equipment. And, we also proofread/edit and format while we’re transcribing. Then upon completion it’s reviewed at least one more time prior to being submitted to a client, along with an invoice.

So again, turnaround can vary, but for normal regular type projects I would say no more than 3 to 5 days max, not including weekends as we do not work weekends unless absolutely necessary that is our time.

What other services do you offer?

Add’l services offered include: proofing/editing, data entry, Internet research, general/basic word processing, consulting to small businesses/startups, blog posting and we’ve done other things at client’s request. If we can accomplish it we’re willing to assist in any way we can. If we are unable to take on the task or haven’t the experience for what’s needed, we’re happy to provide information to our clients of vendors we’ve worked with at reasonable rates, who can accomplish what they need. Happy to do so.

How can people contact you to get a rate for their project?

We are working to revamp the entire website. In the meantime, we can be contacted via email at- janette@successtranscripts.com or they can give me a call at 229-400-3242 where we can set up a time for a chat about their project and how we can best be of service to them. I enjoy talking with folks to get to know them, find out what they’re looking for and if we’re a good fit.

Each client, upon agreeing on working together, receives a service/confidentiality agreement and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Check out Janette’s Website

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