A Trans Made Me Blush

A Trans Made Me Blush October 22, 2013

blushThis is Rob Cottrell. I have experienced a lot in life. I didn’t think something could still surprise me, but I was wrong — a transgender woman made me blush.

I was sharing at PFLAG, an incredible organization, which provides amazing support to families and friends.

Near the end, a trans woman said she could listen to me talk for hours because I had an incredible “buttery” voice.

I’ll admit it – I blushed. Big time. No one has made me blush like that in years.

I have been to a few meetings now and I have to say that I am overwhelmed, humbled, inspired and convicted by the love and acceptance I have witnessed in the group. That kind of love is  certainly is Christlike, but maybe not so churchlike.

One man said the best thing about being a gay Christian is being part of an oppressed minority. Why? Because Jesus has such a heart for the oppressed, and being oppressed gave him a special insight into Jesus’ heart.

How wonderful if the church had the same heart as Christ for the oppressed. They could heal so many deep wounds — and become a leader in advocating for equality.

Instead, the church seems to be dragging behind, and it’s their loss.

I know that I am one of a growing number of Christians who cannot be silent anymore. Affirming Christ-followers will continue to change lives as they express Christ’s love and freedom and acceptance.

And with my buttery voice, loud and strong and unwavering, I will not be silent anymore.

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  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your support! I like very much that your voice will not be silent – we need more like you. As a trans woman, however, I feel a bit uncomfortable being referred to as “a transgender.” To me, transgender is an adjective. So, I’m a ‘trans woman,’ or ‘transgender woman.’ You probably wouldn’t refer to a middle-aged person as “a middle-age,” after all! Of course, not all trans people may agree with me on this, but I think most all that I know do.

    Anyway, I appreciate your post, and always love to see new posts by you and Susan. You are a real credit to the Christian community!

  • I so appreciate your kind heart and your insightful comment. I absolutely see and receive your point. I have changed it in the body of the post. I can’t change the title without messing up the file name, so I do apologize for that. But, again, thanks for your kindness and for educating me on this. : ) – Rob

  • Works for me! Thank you, and you’re welcome. 🙂

  • Thank you Margaret! I’m so glad. God bless you too.