World Vision Supporter? What Will You Do?

World Vision Supporter? What Will You Do? March 25, 2014

Wolrd Vision

Are you a World Vision supporter? Have you brought hope and life to a child and community through your generous support? If so, please continue.

Why did you become a World Vision supporter in the first place? I’m betting it was because you saw good people doing good work you were not able to do personally. Most of us can’t go to third world countries and provide food, shelter, community, and stick around to implement needed changes. But we can give money to those who do, so they can keep doing it. That’s what you were doing by signing up for World Vision — you were giving as Jesus called in the way you were able.

World Vision has not changed. They are not caving into pressure. They are including people into their policy they previously excluded. The kids are the same, the needs are the same. Your call to give is the same, and your need to give is the same. The work will go on. You have an opportunity to continue to be part of it, or now you can fold you arms across your chest, stomp your feet, and say no. You can participate even when you don’t get your way, or you can take your toys and go home. You can reinforce that failing grade Christians have earned in “Works and plays well with others.”

Or you can focus on Jesus and the children he called you to serve. It’s up to you.

Please. Stay with it.

[I really wanted to speak to this timely issue today.  Tomorrow we will continue our anniversary recap of our three most popular posts with the #2 post of the year!]

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