All I Asked You To Do Was To Love

All I Asked You To Do Was To Love June 13, 2015

Sometimes I think that Jesus has become just a “mascot” for much of the behavior-focused church. Their beliefs, actions and teachings have nearly nothing to do with the truth of Jesus. Many of the religious leaders of his day were face-to-face with Jesus and they missed it! Unfortunately, the same is true today.

My hope is to help disentangle Jesus from Christianity to reveal powerful truth.

So sometimes, usually on a Saturday, sometimes on a Sunday, I post a “Jesus Blog” – thoughts and encouragement ‘from Jesus.’  Obviously, I am writing it, but I believe through prayer that Jesus wants me to share these things with you. If you like it, relax and enjoy it. I give it as a gift…

I wanted to spend a minute with you here, because it looks like some of you have lost your way. You’re overly concerned with small stuff, however big it may look from your perspective. You’re thinking you need to defend my words, defend my life, draw lines around it, debate people about it. You don’t. Just live in me, trust, rest, love.

I didn’t ask you to manage the world, or decide who’s in and who’s out, based on your limited understanding. No!

I’ve given you one job: LOVE. Love God, love others. That’s all I want you to do. And when I say love others, I mean feed them, clothe them, comfort them, encourage them, remind them of how beautiful and amazing they are. Remember how I said that? I did. And it’s the foundation of the job I’ve given you.

You say you love God above all else? Then help those who are needy and hurting. Love each other. Without exception, without condition.

I love you. I’ve got much to teach you. So just turn your heart to me, and let the other things go. Love is more important than any of it.


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