From a Mom… Why I Want to Celebrate Your True Colors

From a Mom… Why I Want to Celebrate Your True Colors September 15, 2015

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When our daughter first came out to us, we had a problem on our hands. Our conservative church tradition does not allow what they would call “gayness.” What do we do with this? Do we talk about our gay daughter? Do we pretend she is not gay? Pretend she doesn’t exist? None of it fit with the abiding life of Christ. We were in trouble.

That’s how I learned the depths of the dilemma so many, evangelical, or fundamentalist parents face when someone they love comes out.

That’s how I also learned the depths of pain that can be inflicted on people who are LGBTQ.

The idea that we need to somehow “fix gay people,” or “disassociate with gay people,” or “love gay people by convincing them they are wrong” has seriously, tragically hurt people who are LGBTQ and their families, making them second-class citizens, and often outcasts.

As I saw the pain inflicted on these people, I reached out to help. I spoke strongly of God’s all-embracing love. I challenged the damning words that were hurting so many people.

My new book, True Colors: Celebrating the Truth and Beauty of the Real You emerged from that place.

It is a journal of healing. Together we address the harmful words and actions from society, church and family—including how they’ve been internalized. We seek the truth of who you are and were born to be. In True Colors, I promise to be with you on the journey “to discover and celebrate how beautiful you are, just as you are.”

I invite you to take this journey—of healing, of love. I wrote it for you. From my heart to yours. I look forward to seeing you there.

Love, Susan


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