11 Things I Would Tell You If You Were My LGBTQI Child

11 Things I Would Tell You If You Were My LGBTQI Child July 1, 2016

I was heartsick that a Pastor – claiming to speak for God – called his Christian teenage son ‘disgraceful, demon-possessed poison.’

Many of you have been called words like this – by strangers, friends, people in your church, family, and maybe even your Dad too. And you carry deeper wounds than anyone even knows.

Well, this Mom wants to tell you a few things.

I have five grown children, three girls and two boys – including two queer (their word) daughters. I began my nonprofit – FreedHearts – so I could be a safe space, an ally and an advocate not only for my precious daughters but for all the LGBTQ community.

My goal is to set hearts free – to love and be loved.

I read a story – actually, it is very similar to many that I have read, many I have seen first hand – in which a Pastor condemned, rejected, and shamed his own son – all “in the name of God.” The truth is that it has nothing to do with God or Jesus – it is all about fear. And it is indefensible.

I have no words for the Pastor. Instead, I write this letter to the son – to you – to all the children on the receiving end of this kind of treatment – from a Mom’s heart to yours…



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