Pride Month: Christians Just Don’t Get It!

Pride Month: Christians Just Don’t Get It! June 25, 2023

As rainbow flags flutter and colorful parades fill the streets, love is in the air, and it is maddening to see non-affirming Christians misunderstanding the true essence of LGBTQ+ Pride.

Many Christians believe it is a celebration of arrogance, failing to grasp the profound message of love, acceptance, and unconditional support. Sadly, these are often direct attempts to mask homophobia and transphobia, cause deep wounds, and hinder beautiful opportunities to love unconditionally — opportunities to actually model the Jesus these Christians claim to follow.

The Lie of Arrogance

One common tactic among non-affirming Christians is to claim that Pride Month promotes arrogance or a sense of superiority. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Pride Month emerged as a direct response to the historical marginalization, discrimination, and hate faced by the LGBTQ+ community. It is an opportunity for people to celebrate their unique identities, reclaim their self-worth, and stand tall in the face of what has become increasing attacks and adversity. Pride is not about arrogance but rather recognizing one’s inherent value and dignity.

Embracing Love and Unconditional Acceptance

At the core of Pride Month lies the principle of unconditional love and acceptance. Christianity itself teaches the importance of loving one’s neighbor as oneself, regardless of differences or personal beliefs. By dismissing Pride Month and believing ongoing false teaching that condemns the LGBTQ+ community, Christians miss a chance to practice and embody the unconditional love that their faith encourages. Love knows no boundaries and extends to all individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Recognizing the Struggles Faced by the LGBTQ+ Community

Pride serves as a platform to acknowledge the historical and ongoing struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Christians would be well-served to actively listen to the stories shared during this month. Understanding the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ is crucial in fostering compassion and support. By dismissing or refusing to engage with Pride Month, Christians miss an opportunity to extend a helping hand and stand up against discrimination and prejudice.

Celebrating Diversity and God’s Creation

The beauty of diversity is evident in the rich tapestry of humanity. Celebrating Pride allows Christians to embrace this diversity and acknowledge that every individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is deserving of love, respect, and inclusion. It has become a missed opportunity to affirm that God’s love transcends societal boundaries and embraces all God’s children. By not embracing Pride and not affirming LGBTQ+, Christians have put God into a very small box, limiting God’s love and ability.

For those who claim the name of Jesus, it is essential to view Pride Month with a desire to connect with the LGBTQ+ community. To break down barriers that this false, anti-gay, anti-trans teaching has built. To join Jesus in turning over the tables of those who marginalize and oppress people for their own power and gain. To promote unconditional love, acceptance, and support.

Pride Month is not about arrogance but about empowerment, resilience, and love. It is an opportunity to embrace diversity, and engage in meaningful dialogue. It is a chance for non-affirming Christians to actually follow Jesus by spreading the Christlike message of unconditional love and acceptance.

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