Why the Church is Nothing Like Jesus!

Why the Church is Nothing Like Jesus! June 24, 2024

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If you claim to follow of Jesus, then you are called to love without limits, show grace, and walk humbly with God. But as we listen to and watch many conservative, evangelical Christians today, they don’t reflect Jesus. Not at all. In fact, it’s often in complete contrast to his life and teachings.

If you are in that part of the Christian church, come on… it’s time for honesty. Seriously.

The Gap Between Jesus and the Church

Jesus lived a life of love and inclusion. He welcomed the marginalized, challenged the hypocritical, and showed sacrificial love. Many churches today, however, are known more for judgment, exclusion, and a quest for power.

This gap has disillusioned and hurt so many. And it is this gap, this hypocrisy that infuriated Jesus.

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

Jesus included everyone, from tax collectors to sinners and outcasts. Many churches today, though, are known for excluding those who don’t fit certain molds. Many churches today embrace the a teaching of contempt, fueling the fires of hate. Whether through official teachings or unwritten rules, this has nothing to do with Jesus. As we have said before, these churches are just using Jesus as a mascot. It is a classic bait and switch.

Truly indefensible.

Love vs. Judgment

Jesus’ core message was love—unconditional and wide-reaching. Yet, churches often emphasize judgment over grace, condemning people instead of loving them. Jesus summarized his entire life and teaching, the Bible, God’s heart when he said to “Love God and love others.” And that these two things were essentially the same and how we could not do one without the other.

Humility vs. Power

Jesus showed humility and servanthood. He washed his disciples’ feet and lived to serve others. But many churches seek power and influence, focusing on maintaining control and building kingdoms. The follow people while ignoring all those people stand for – and while ignoring all that Jesus stands for.

Church, Come On. At Least Be Honest

You are free to believe what you want but, at least be honest about it. And be honest about the impact of those beliefs.

If you are going to claim the name of Jesus, it is deeply offensive to those of us who want to closely follow his teachings.

For you to admit that the evangelical, conservative Church doesn’t look like Jesus is humbling and I am not naive enough to think that this will likely happen. There is way too much power and money at stake.

But I will keep calling it out and reassuring those who are deconstructing from all that false, harmful teaching that they are indeed on the right track, the Jesus track, following their heart and the Spirit.

Those of you who are deconstructing are becoming more, living more like Jesus than ever. You embody Jesus’ love, humility, and inclusivity. You are a beacon of hope and a true reflection of God’s heart.

Keep moving forward with courage. You are beloved!

If you would like resources and community on your deconstruction journey, or if you are just beginning the process, come say hello. You are not alone.

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