Top Five of 2018

Top Five of 2018 January 1, 2019

On this New Year’s Day I’m taking a final moment to look back at the year just finished. 2018 was my first full calendar year blogging on Patheos (although this blog is now well over six years old). Here, according to Google Analytics, are my top five posts from 2018!

5: Several news outlets called the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings the top news story of 2018–my October reflections on that process came in at #5:

Doctor Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, and the Book of Proverbs

4: Many progressive Christians look back to Ralph Waldo Emerson as an inspiration and source, particularly to his famous and controversial “Harvard University Address.” This post from last May explores these 19th century roots . . .

What Christians Get Wrong About Jesus

3: Putting our current fearless leader in any post always creates traffic–this essay from last February was no exception.

Donald Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast

2. This essay, written during the height of the “Caravan” hysteria in November, has received the most comments of any blog post I’ve ever written–and the comments are still coming in!

Are the People in the Caravan My Neighbors?

1. The very premise of getting God and Darwin–a man many “Christians” consider to be a threat to the very core of their faith–into conversation has always been fascinating to me. When I finally did it last April, the resulting essay became my top post of the year!

God and Darwin walk into a bar . . .

Thanks to all of my readers for your time, support, and comments! Best wishes for 2009, and keep reading!

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