Men, Go Ahead and Buy an Apron and a Purse

Men, Go Ahead and Buy an Apron and a Purse July 11, 2011

Because the New York Times asks why can’t you be women:

Last week, the New York Times ran a symposium titled “How Can We Get Men to Do More at Home?” The series was prompted because of a recent study showing that German and other European women are making strides in education and in the workplace, but their careers stall once they have children. Why? The Times cites “child care” and “hard-to-quantify traditional ideas about parenting,” among other reasons. They ask, “If greater equality between men and women in the work force has not led to greater equality in child-rearing and other domestic responsibilities, what will?”

Seven experts weigh in on this supposed “problem,” but the very question obscures the reality of the role of women and men in two ways.

Read what they are here.

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  • Valeria

    I have never understood why feminists take the one thing that only women can do….childbearing…and cast it in a negative light. It ought to make the extra feminist-y to do this thing that men can’t do.

  • Very good point, Valeria — that’s a reasonable way to look at it!