‘This Man Scares Me’: TV Ad From 1964 Presidential Campaign Is Going Viral — Watch to Understand Why

‘This Man Scares Me’: TV Ad From 1964 Presidential Campaign Is Going Viral — Watch to Understand Why March 16, 2016

This  old 1964 TV ad for Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson’s general election campaign against Republican nominee Barry Goldwater is going viral. LBJ was re-elected in a landslide against Goldwater.

The ad was called “Confessions of a Republican” and featured a Republican explaining why he couldn’t support Barry Goldwater as the Republican nominee, who he says scares him.

The Blaze explains more:

Trying to reason his fears, he continued, “Maybe I’m wrong. A friend of mine just said to me, ‘Just because a man sounds a little irresponsible during a campaign doesn’t mean he’s going to act irresponsibly.’”

However, that logic doesn’t seem to calm his discomfort with the idea of a President Goldwater. The man goes on to say that, if he had been a delegate in the GOP convention, he would have “fought” against Goldwater’s nomination.

“And I wouldn’t have worried so much about party unity,” he said. “Because if you unite behind a man you don’t believe in, it’s a lie.”

“I mean, when the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party, either they’re not Republicans or I’m not,” he continued. “I’ve thought about not voting in this election, just staying home. But you can’t do that because that’s saying you don’t care who wins, and I do care.”

Now that’s kind of eerie – Republicans talking about not supporting the possible nominee because of Ku Klux Klan support, discussions about not voting in the election at all, and discussions about irresponsible campaigning and possible irresponsible governing.

While there are a lot of differences between then-Sen. Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump today, there were an awful lot of similarities it seems with the political environments then and now.

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This campaign ad from the 1960's is going viral

This "Confessions of a Republican" ad from the 1964 presidential election is going viral, thanks to its uncanny relevance to the 2016 presidential election.

Posted by Quartz on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

WATCH IT by clicking HERE.


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