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Dave Willis

Top ten “dumb” reasons why couples get divorced

As an advocate for stronger marriages, I’m always interested to learn from couples who get divorced, so that I can help other couples avoid making those same mistakes. Some paths to divorce are very understandable. When there are longterm patterns of deceit, addiction, abuse or infidelity, it’s easy to see why the marriage ended. In [Read More...]

This Is Not A Blog

Catherine’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe and Other Healthy Eating Tips

I was super skeptical when Catherine first presented the idea of a cauliflower pizza to me but here's what happened!

Ashley Willis

What’s Your “50″?

Photo: Shutterstock   Dave and I often quote Philippians 2:14 to our kids. It says, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing…”. Some translations replace “grumbling” with “complaining”. Either way, it is much easier said than done…and not just for kids. In fact, just the other day, I found myself grumbling about the tasks of the [Read More...]

Ask Shaunti

Negative wife? Here’s how to stop the cycle!

Dear Shaunti: My wife and I are making a concerted effort to improve our marriage. Although she is a wonderful woman and a great mother, it drives me crazy at how negative she’s become over 12 years together. She is often critical about the most insignificant things. I didn’t pick the right pajamas for the [Read More...]

Church for Men

Decorate your church with men in mind

The typical church is decorated grandma-style: Quilted banners and silk flower arrangements adorn church lobbies. More quilts, banners, and ribbons cover the sanctuary walls, complemented with fresh flowers on the altar, a lace doily on the Communion table, and boxes of Kleenex under every pew. Hallways are covered with handmade signs, photo collages, or school-type bulletin boards that suggest a kindergarten classroom.

Searching for Tom Sawyer

A Dad’s Playbook for Forging Faith in his kids–Part 4: Dad–You Have a Particular Set of Skills

(Many great books have been written recently about how to be more intentional in forging faith in the home. Most so far have been written by female authors and while inclusive, tend to speak better to moms and women. Over the next several weeks I want to speak to dads in male language about their [Read More...]

Wordy Nerdy

Why I Never Wanted Pets but Got One Anyway

I never wanted pets, never grew up with pets, yet now I have one. Here's how it went.

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"