Does the New York Times Employ Editors?

Does the New York Times Employ Editors? July 12, 2011

And if so, how could they let this empirically wrong statement slip into one of their most-read recent essays?

The backlash against sex has lasted longer than the sexual revolution itself. Both birth control and abortion are under attack in many states. Women’s health care is considered expendable in budgetary negotiations. And the right wing only wants to champion unborn children. (Those already born are presumed able to fend for themselves.)

(Emphasis added).

The contention that Christians (or the “right” in general) only cares about children in the womb is nothing short of slander — and easily disprovable slander at that.  Christians give more to — and work more for — ministries that reach the poor than ministries that champion the unborn.  In fact, they give more to support children (born and unborn) than the secular left ever has or ever will.

I’ve heard that slander ever since I joined the pro-life movement.  It was a lie then, and it is a lie now.

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  • To answer the question of your title, yes, the NY Times employs editors. Of course, the further question is “Employs them at what?”

    Christians (at least those who take their charge seriously) are most solicitous of the weak and helpless–hence our personal concern for the unborn, and small children, and the elderly, and the disabled, etc.